23 May 2005

Irrigation settings--Metro Atlanta

As you may well know, we, in the Atlanta Metro area, are now under
year-round, permanent water restrictions. (See
) These are
different from the restrictions we had during the drought. A complete list
of restrictions is available at
. Generally
speaking, even addresses have Mon, Wed, and Sat; odd addresses have Tue,
Thu, and Sun. The primary distinctions are that, while the restrictions are
according your street address, there are assigned days of the week, and
there are no time of day restrictions. This arrangement offers several
benefits over the previous. By assigning days of the week, instead of the
odd/even dates, it is possible to set up a realistic irrigation program,
which does not force over watering. Under the previous setup it was almost
impossible to adequately water your landscape without over watering it.
This was further aggravated by the time of day restrictions, which made any
hand watering also nearly impossible.

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