28 February 2007

I won the lottery (Matt Cutts and I both)

I just learned that I won the lottery in a letter today.
"You have therefore been approved for a lump Sum Pay of $815,950.00 (EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN THOUSAND, NINE HUNDRED AND FIFTY UNITED STATES DOLLARS
ONLY)in cash Credited to File Ref number EG/0084/5170024. Blah, Blah, Blah."

This is amazing, all I need to do is give them all my banking account
information and numbers, and the good folks in Madrid, Spain will make
me a rich man. Seems like I'm in good company, MattCutts had the good fortune to win the English (British?) lottery not so long ago.

I find it utterly baffling and amazing how fortunate I am to have won a
lottery I never entered, let alone ever knew existed. Oh, well . . .

What's even odder is that I seem to win this particular lottery at least once a month. I supposed the scammers should work on their database filters a little.

A.J., Proudland

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