20 June 2007

Compost Experiment 2007--Update

The compost we made and used in our Spring flower installations is working out very well.  The draught in Georgia, and particularly in the Atlanta area has probably skewed our results some.  We had to modify our soil mixture to address the lack of rainfall.  Irrigation never compensates completely for good old rain.  Additionally, Proudland’s land fill reduction goals are looking even more promising with the performance of our flowers in the compost.  Autumn flowers compost mixes are underway, and we are very excited.


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19 June 2007

Zero landfill goal

At Proudland Landscape, our green (environmental) goal is to have a zero-landfill production.  Albeit, that is some time in the future.  However, we have started in a few ways:

  1. Recycling all roadside recyclables we collect.  Currently, we collect a lot of trash and other roadside debris during the course of our landscape maintenance operations.  Some of this is recyclable, some not so much.  The recyclable stuff is sorted and recycled.
  2. Planting containers from our planting operations and flower installations are being recycled.
  3. Pallets from our sod installation and hardscape construction are being recycled.
  4. Organic waste from our routine maintenance and enhancement operations are being composted, and otherwise reused.

There is much else we can do and plan on doing going forward.  The largest challenge will be dealing with waste from large landscape installation and grading projects.


A.J., Proudland Landscape, LLC, copyright © 2007.