30 January 2010

January Gardening Rundown--Winter 2010

January 2010 in Atlanta started out atypically cold, cold. But, all was well for the gardener because, we had good rain, not too much ice, and it ended with typically mild Atlanta winter temperatures. Here is the run down of January gardening topics in Atlanta and North Georgia:

  1. Cleanup those last leaves and start Composting.
  2. Sign up for a rose pruning class--Be ready to go for February.
  3. Brush up on winter plant protection practices.
  4. Check off your list of winter gardening tasks for January.
  5. Proper time to prune crape myrtles.
  6. If you didn't sign-up for this pruning class, look here for info on others.

26 January 2010

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I'm now writing for as the Atlanta Gardening Examiner. Check out my articles . I will still be posting here. There will be some cross over. In fact, some of the articles will be posted here, and vice versa. However, this will created some division between Atlanta area gardening information, and more landcaping and Proudland Landscape specific posts.

At any rate, check me out as the Atlanta Gardening Examiner.