03 March 2010

Lawn Green up Steps: Ready for Spring in Atlanta

Early lawn green up depends on some early pre-green work

Early lawn green up depends on some early pre-green work
Get ready for lawn green-up in metro Atlanta and surrounding counties. Your lawns may seem brown, and worrying about their seasonal greenup may be a long ways off, but some simple steps now will pay dividends in the next six weeks or so. If you have Bermuda, Zoysia, or Centipede turf grass lawn, this article is for you.

If you have a warm-season lawn turf grass, such as Bermuda, Zoysia, or Centipede, then read this article. If you're not sure what type of grass you have, the rule of thumb is whether it was green before December, and is now brown, and generally turns green going into the Spring, then you have a warm-season lawn turf grass. However, this is a rule of thumb, because there are a few factors which could make a cool-season grass (predominantly fescue in Atlanta) behave in this fashion, or at least appear to have these characteristics. The sure bet is to dig up a spade full and take it down to your county extension agent, they are great people and can get you squared away.

The List: At any rate, here are the steps you need to be taking:
  1. Scalp--Set mower to lowest setting that won't have you skinning to the dirt, and mow lawn.

  2. Bag and Pick up the clippings. If you do things right this season, this should be the only time you need to pick up the grass clippings

  3. Fertilize. Note: Centipede lawns need a 0-0-7 (NPK) fertilizer.

  4. Apply Preemergent

  5. Pay attention to weather reports.

  6. Ensure adequate water is getting put down.

  7. Do not water in freezing temperatures

  8. Check this column frequently for updates on follow-up maintenance details.
Once lawn begins to greenup:
  • Do not mow until at appropriate mowing height

  • Aerate once completely green (if you have centipede, do not aerate without consulting a pro)

  • Fertilize again

  • Treat for errant weeds.
If you follow these steps, this will take you a long way towards having a lush and beautiful lawn this Summer.

Abdurrahim is the lead designer at metro-Atlanta based Proudland Landscape, LLC.

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