01 March 2010

February Gardening Task Rundown

Tulips and hyacinth in woodland setting

Tulips and hyacinth in woodland setting.


For those you who may have missed some, here is a rundown of our essential gardening articles for February that we published on . This information is generally applicable to many areas of the United States, however, the seasonal timing is specific to the metro Atlanta area, surrounding counties, and North Georgia.

Gardening tasks for February -- a list of gardening tasks to get accomplished before March.

Which lopper pruners should I buy? -- a discussion of some key factors in selecting a new pair of loppers.

Protecting flowers & pansies from ice -- still relevant information for the next four to six weeks in areas above the fall line Georgia (line running from Columbus to Macon to Augusta)

Live plants from Valentines Day? -- applicable advice for any live plant flower baskets you may receive, even after Valentines Day.

Pruning Crape Myrtles -- if you absolutely must prune your Crape Myrtles, get it done now, and read this article.

Must-do Atlanta Winter gardening tasks -- your most essential last-minute Winter gardening tasks for Atlanta gardeners.

Phlox--a classic Atlanta flower garden plant -- can start indoors now, or seed outdoors beginning April.

Get ready for Lawn Spring Green-up -- task list to have a great Spring green up for your warm-season lawn grass.

These are the articles from February which are, and will remain seasonally relevant through March. I will be putting out a new March gardening task list, so look for it.

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