14 June 2010

Container gardening: Uses in Atlanta gardens

perennials growing on deck in containers
perennials growing on deck in containers
Container gardening is a highly versatile means to bring gardening into otherwise inconvenient spaces. For Atlanta gardens there are a number of uses for gardening containers. Container gardening allows the gardener to move and rearrange the garden layout, and bring gardening into otherwise unplantable areas
  • Bring fresh cooking herbs onto decks and patios for cooking and outdoor grilling.
  • Use to have perennial plants and flowers always in bloom, bring out when in bloom, and pull to rear when not.
  • Use in gardening beds to provide height, highlight features, shorter term decorations for seasonal holidays.
  • Bring gardens to apartment or condo patios, and limited townhome spaces.
  • Use to grow tropical and subtropical plants, setting them out in Summer, and bringing them in in Winter.
  • Use bring flowers and plants to pool decks.
  • Bring flowers and color to larger outdoor entertainment such as wedding receptions
  • Create feature plant presentation in the garden
  • Bring plants to other areas without planting beds, such as entry ways, driveways, and front steps.
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