21 September 2010

Fescue Lawn Grass Overseeding: PART 3 -- Atlanta & N. Georgia gardens

close up of grass blades with dew
September & October are the ideal time of year for overseeding fescue turf grass lawns in Atlanta and North Georgia gardens. We have been reviewing the lawn analysis and seeding preparation steps needed to have a bang up overseeding season. This article will list the steps for actually executing the overseeding.
  1. Aeration: core aeration is an important step in the process, skipping this is possible, but will compromise your success. Your options in this regard are to rent a machine, or hire a professional lawn care service. In either event, the lawn area should be ran over with the machine multiple times in varying directions.
  2. Amendments: If you haven't applied your soil test recommended amendment in the preparation phase, apply them now in the recommend rates. Do not apply any fertilizer amendments at this point.
  3. Seeding: Now apply the fescue turf grass seed at a rate of 5 lbs per 1000 square feet of existing lawn. For especially bare areas, increase this rate to 8 lbs. Remember, we are using 100% weed free grass seed. If you cannot find this, seriously consider hiring a professional lawn care company, as you do not want to actively be planting weeds.
  4. Mulching: Mulch your newly overseeded lawn with clean wheat straw at a rate of 1 bale per 1000 square feet. This may seem a bit thin, but will be adequate for overseeding of established fescue stands.
  5. Water: Water in your newly seeded grass. Check out Georgia's new watering rules. The objective is to keep the seed bed continually moist for the next two weeks without causing any runoff. This generally means watering every morning for no more that 15 minutes. Continue watering in this fashion for two to four weeks. Afterwards, observe normal watering rates of 1 inch per week (you will need to measure this).
  6. Fertilizer: Apply the soil test recommended fertilizer recommendations 30 days after your initial seed application.
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