10 November 2011

Winter Flowers: Down and dirty how-to

So you're behind the power curve getting your winter seasonal flowers planted. You're not alone. Here is a down and dirty how-to punch list:

Get these:
  1. Flats of winter flowers. Check for nice root balls at the nursery
  2. Bags of mulch chips. Color and style purely a matter of taste
  3. Plenty of compost. Buy the cheap 'humus' 40 lbs. bags, or make your own
  4. Generic 10-10-10 fertilizer
Do this:
  • (Existing beds) Take out any previous flowers
  • (New beds) Spade the existing soil (dig shovel the full blade depth into the soil, and turn over the entire contents.)
  • Spread a thick layer of compost on top
  • Spade the compost into the previously spaded soil.
  • You can either chop up the soil with the side of the shovel blade, or
  • ... till with a small garden tiller.
  • Work soil until you can plant flower pots by hand
  • Sprinkle a few handfuls of the 10-10-10 fertilizer on top
  • Set out your garden flowers
  • Using your fingers or a garden trowel, plant the flowers
  • Be sure to remove from pots (you'd be surprised)
  • Cover the root balls, and gently compress around root ball into soil
  • Spread a layer of chip mulch (color and type purely a matter of taste)
  • Water in well.
Check here for steps to Grow and Establish your flowers

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