19 February 2015

February Gardening Tasks Week 7

February Gardening Tasks Week 7

  • Protect tender plants -- something I never do in my own yard, I just suffer the consequences, and allow that selection process to take effect in my personal garden.  I do however, regret the toll it takes on my camellia blooms.
  • Scalp warm season lawns
  • Cut back ground covers
  • Prune ornamental trees
  • Cut back remaining perennial foliage
  • Begin refreshing mulch
  • Prune roses (cut back)--This is the hard prune for the year, not just maintenance deadheading.

This particular week in Georgia (we're in Metro Atlanta) is COLD!!  And that is the overarching factor for everything done this week--to the extent, that, between the cold and "winter precipitation"  it may not be possible to do anything meaningful this week.  No worries, nothing on the above list can't be done next week.  However, protecting tender plants is something that, if it concerns you, must be done, as the well-below freezing temps are going to do  what they do, regardless of how sorry we may feel for ourselves.

a note about my week numbering:  I count a week as which ever week contains that Wednesday.  According to this, the first Wednesday of the year was 7 January, therefore that is Week 1.  My computer calendar counts the first week as whichever week 1 January falls in (this year it was a Thursday), which gives a week count of 53 for 2015.  This is just weird for me, plus counting the Wednesday as the week works much better for our operational scheduling. 

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