26 February 2015

February Gardening Tasks--Week 8

February Gardening  Tasks--Week 8

In the Metro-Atlanta Georgia area it has been another cold, wet week.  Realistically, it has been a hard week to get any outdoor tasks done.  It does look like, however, we will have a few days to get things done at the end of the week.  If you should be able to get them in, here are some things you should focus on:

  • Everything on last week's task list.
  • Seed/overseed fescue lawns.
  • Dead head frost damaged camellia bloom.
  • Take advantage of soft soils to plant shrubs and perennials.  Actually, planting throughout the next couple of months is recommended--it will quickly become hot in Georgia.
  • Remove (but keep on standby) frost protection.
  • Treat for winter weeds coming up in lawns and beds.
  • Begin liming lawns--cool and warm season.
  • Clean up storm debris.

a note about my week numbering:  I count a week as which ever week contains that Wednesday.  According to this, the first Wednesday of the year was 7 January, therefore that is Week 1.  My computer calendar counts the first week as whichever week 1 January falls in (this year it was a Thursday), which gives a week count of 53 for 2015.  This is just weird for me, plus counting the Wednesday as the week works much better for our operational scheduling. 

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