19 March 2015

March Gardening Tasks

March Gardening Tasks

Kwanzan Cherry Blossoms
Kwanzan Cherry Blossoms
Here is a quick down and dirty gardening, lawn and landscape task list for March in Atlanta. Kick your Spring season off with gusto.

  • All uncompleted January gardening tasks.
  • All uncompleted February gardening tasks
  • Scalp warms season lawns (Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede--I'm not a super fan of St. Augustine this far north. . . or at all really)
  • Read about Lawn Green up tips
  • Apply pre-emergent to lawns
  • Pre-emerge ornamental beds
  • Prune late flowering winter plants
  • Light pruning of flowering trees once blooms fade
  • Re-stake young trees as needed (one flowering plum we installed at a local school, I noticed is tilting a bit coming out of the winter)
  • Go through and start up irrigation systems.
  • Make notes and lists.
  • Turn compost piles, stock up for April flower change out.
  • Fertilize bedding plants
  • Hard pruning of non-flowering shrubs
  • Inspect shrubs, plants and trees for noxious insects and disease
  • Preventative fungal treatments.

 Down and dirty.  There you go.

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